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What is ION Exchange ? 

  ION Exchange technology has been in limited use for years, primarily for the generation of de-ionized water. Recent advancements and refinements in resin technologies however, make ION Exchange today's best complete wastewater treatment solution.

   Simply stated, Ion Exchange is the giving and receiving of ions between an ion exchange material and a process liquid. It takes place as the process liquid flows through the ion exchange material. Mobile ions on the ion exchange material are exchanged with ions in the process fluid. In La Habra Welding's Ion Exchange applications the ion exchange material is an activated copolymer matrix comprised of porous beads (resin) and the process fluid is finishing system wastewater. 

   Ion exchange resin beads (thousands per cubic inch) are placed in a pressure vessel to makeup the ion exchange resin bed. As process water passes through the resin bed undesirable ions (contaminates) are exchanged for the more desirable mobile ions in the resin. When the ion exchange resin has exchanged all its mobile ions and can no longer remove undesirable ions it is deemed exhausted. Exhausted resins must go through a simple regeneration process before they can remove ions again.

La Habra Welding's ION Exchange Systems

Regardless of all the "hype" you may have heard regarding ION Exchange, at its core it is a simple  process.  The  real science is in the development and manufacturing of the resins that target categorical contaminates. We don't manufacture the resins, we are not scientists. Like our competitors we purchase resin or combinations of resins  from vendors for specific applications (as do our competitors).

So then, what makes Our Ion Exchange Systems better?

  • Experience, engineering, design, and service. Now we have applied our extensive knowledge of metal finishing operations, wastewater treatment, and industrial automation in the development of our  Phantom ION Exchange systems. 

  • We have been in and around the metal finishing industry for more than 30 years, as a result, we have a first hand knowledge of the unique needs of today's metal finishing operations and the operational challenges they present.

  • Ion exchange columns are at the center of our reliable PLC based flow control system that can be either semi-automatic or a fully automated operation. We only use equipment and components that have a proven track record in the field to consistently provide long reliable service. 

  • We have a service organization second to none.  Our service contract will provide a guaranteed response time. 

ION exchange columns are at the center of our reliable PLC based flow control system that can be either semi-automatic or a fully automated operation. When compared to like capacity precipitation systems, La Habra Welding's Ion Exchange Systems chemical consumption is very low, comprised primarily of relatively small amounts of acid and base (required for the regeneration process). Finally, when compared to like capacity precipitation systems, Our ion exchange system produce 95% less sludge. In fact, Our systems by-product is de-ionized water (that can be recycled back trough the rinse system).  Finally, La Habra Welding's Ion exchange systems are designed to require minimum maintenance and operator intervention.

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