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    La Habra Welding Inc. does custom design/build projects such as this Iron Phosphatizing Booth (above). The booth walls and roof are constructed from stainless steel. It is fully illuminated and incorporates a iron phosphate pressure washer and a (through the roof ) exhaust system. The booth interior and staging area incorporate high strength, corrosion resistant, fiberglass grating. Under the interior grating is a epoxy powder coated mild steel catch pan and frame structure. The frame structure supports the booth, catch pan and staging platform.  The catch pan is plumbed and gravity fed to an automated duel pump transfer station. (for transfer to waste treatment) All booth electrical functions are controlled by the operator via the systems control panel.

   La Habra Welding Inc. designed and built this unique skid mounted centralized filtration system for one of our customers. The system treats oil contaminated mop water and compressor condensate collected in four designated sump areas located throughout their facility. The filtration system houses a Coalescor which removes free oil from the wastewater.  From the coalescor, water then travels through a series of filtration units and eventually stored in 5,000 gallon holding tank (not shown). The holding tank circulates  water through a ultraviolet light and filtration system to keep the stored water free from the growth, and accumulation of organic matter.  On demand, a bladder pump provides a constant and consistent water pressure to  the facilities DI System. 

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