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   Metal finishing is a very high tech and competitive industry, to say the least. In an effort to stay ahead of the game, many industry leaders are taking advantage of recent advances in technology that allow them to  automate their production finishing operations. Automation  provides the fastest turn around times while producing a consistently high quality product at the lowest possible cost.  Simply stated; if you have not automated your operation you cannot compete with those who have.

   Today's sophisticated automated finishing systems can handle an almost unlimited number of concurrent metal finishing tasks. Automation can control a multi process/multi hoist line where it can simultaneously maintain tank temperatures, rectifiers, chemical feeders, ultrasonic systems, dryers/ovens, conveyor systems, wastewater treatment operations, and more...much more.

   One of the many benefits of automating a plating operation is that when compared to a manual (non automated) operation, is that it requires minimum staffing.  In an automated environment however, it is essential that the operator's have the ability to remotely monitor every facet of the operation, and to be immediately informed of malfunctions that require attention.  This human/machine interaction requires specialized hardware configurations and intuitive user friendly software that incorporates a comprehensive easy to understand operator interface system. Introducing La Habra Welding's Automation Systems.

   La Habra Welding's automation programmers are experts in touch screen and HMI PC/PLC configurations that incorporate user-friendly system design. We integrate state of the art automation hardware/component technologies and  the latest advancements in system software to provide our customers the most cost effective, reliable and comprehensive systems available.

La Habra Welding Inc - Metal Finishing AutomationAutomation for Plating Lines

  • We know the Metal Finishing Industry.

  • We can program concurrent multi process systems

  • We can provide options like data logging,  HMI interface and networking

If you want to know more about  Our Automation Systems fill out the form below and well get back to you as soon as possible - or -  you can call us direct at (562) 923-2229.

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